Measuring( for custom size dress)

Measuring accurately is necessary to guarantee the fit of your selection .

Please follow the instructions, and measure yourself carefully, then send me your exact measurements.  The red words is the most important.

1. Full Bust =         inch/cm

2. Waist =          inch/cm    

3. Hips =         inch/cm   

4. Arm Length=            inch/cm

5. Bust Points =            inch/cm

6. Shoulder to Shoulder =           inch/cm

7. Arm Girth =           inch/cm

8. Armhole =           inch/cm

9. Around Shoulder =           inch/cm

10. Length shoulder (nape) to bust =           inch/cm

11. Front Length Shoulder(nape) to Waist =           inch/cm

12. Outer Leg = (from waist to floor without your shoes on)=           inch/cm

13. Hollow to Hem= (from shoulder to floor without shoes)=          inch/cm

      Shoulder to knee( for knee length dress only):             inch/cm

14. Height = (from the top of head to floor without shoes)=          inch/cm

15. Heel Height=           inch/cm